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Baby pink flower muslin fabric swaddle

Product Name: Baby pink flower muslin fabric swaddle Material: 100% cotton Characteristics: Washable, breathable, easy to dry, Absorbent Usage: Wrapping the baby, bath wash, laying in stroller, cover baby Size: 47'*47', or what size you want Packing: Usually use plastic bag, and we also can do paper box, and your iead   How to choose muslin swaddle 1, absorbent Baby resistance is weak, after bathing to dry water to avoid cooling, which is the most important function of bath towels. Some mothers may not know that cotton material has been the first choice for baby clothing, not only because of the safety of skin, but also because of its strong water absorption performance, can quickly absorb the baby's metabolism of sweat, keep dry. 2, softness Baby skin delicate, skin-friendly bath towel must be soft and comfortable enough, this is also the reason why mothers abandon edgy towel, towel wash a few times on the hard to rough, are not willing to let the baby continue to use such bath towels. This pure cotton gauze bath towel, but the more softened, and the use of water washing folds process, so that the bath towel more soft, feel very comfortable Oh 3, security Your baby's supplies are first and foremost safe! Whether or not it contains formaldehyde, fluorescent agents are our most concerned. Gauze bath towel production printing and dyeing process does not add any chemical additives, zero formaldehyde, no fluorescent agent 4, breathability There's also a special benefit of gauze, which is very breathable! After the baby bath wrapped in a bath towel, also more dry and comfortable not boring. Now summer, many mothers also use gauze bath towel scarves to give the baby but small cover blanket, soft warm and breathable, not afraid of the baby a noon sweat. 5, real and false cotton Now the Internet casually what to say is pure cotton, do not know the truth. We can cut one piece and burn it with fire. If the gray-white powder is left, with no impurities after rubbing with your fingers, it can be determined that 100% cotton is free of impurities. And after burning is a black clump, fingers kneaded and a block of black matter, indicating that is not pure cotton!