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Bamboo cotton breathable muslin swaddle for baby

Product Name: Bamboo cotton breathable muslin swaddle for baby Material: 70% bamboo 30% cotton  Characteristics: Washable, breathable, Absorbent, Silky Usage: Wrapping the baby, bath wash, laying in stroller, cover baby Size: 47'*47', or what size you want Packing: Usually use plastic bag, and we also can do paper box, and your iead   About bamboo fier Bamboo fiber, cellulose fiber extracted from naturally grown bamboo, is the fifth largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool and silk. The bamboo fiber gauze of Hansho textile is composed of 70% bamboo fiber 30% cotton, bamboo fiber content is not high, hard, high content is very comfortable. General baby supplies are made up of 70%-95% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton. Bamboo fiber has good breathability, instant water absorption, strong wear resistance and good dyeing characteristics. The same point of double-layer bamboo fiber gauze and double-layer cotton gauze is that it is a double-layer fabric. Can do baby towels, newborn cover blankets, nursing towels, baby cart cover blankets, the use is more extensive. The difference is that the bamboo fiber bath towel is generally bright, and the material of bamboo fiber has natural bacteria suppression, sterilization effect characteristics. Because bamboo inside has a unique substance, the substance is named "bamboo" with natural anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, anti-odor, insect-proof function. Under the microscope observation, the bacteria in cotton wood and other fiber products can reproduce in large numbers, and in bamboo fiber products not only can not survive for a long time, but also in a short period of time can disappear or reduce, 24 hours of bacterial mortality rate of more than 75%. Therefore, this material has a strong anti-bacterial effect. We have a variety of styles of gauze, customers can choose their favorite styles, customized services. Compared with pure cotton material, bamboo fiber has better moisture absorption, breathability, more instant water absorption, by the vast number of consumers love. Used in the production of baby diapers, spit towels, gauze belly belt, newborn towel bath towel bamboo fiber gauze, its unit fine, good whiteness, fiber gloss bright, strong toughness and wear resistance, has a unique elasticity; In fact, bamboo fiber gauze yarn is extracted from bamboo, its instant absorption is very strong, breathability is also better, for the production of mother and child supplies, such as baby diapers, towels, bath towels, etc. are very suitable.

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