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Cotton flanned wash cloth for baby face and hand

Product Name: Cotton flanned wash cloth for baby face and hand Material: 100% cotton Characteristics: Washable, good water absorption, easy to dry Usage: Wash hands and face, Wipe mouth, etc. Size: 25*25cm, or what size you want Packing: Usually use plastic bag, and we also can do paper box, and your iead   About rubbing baby's mouth When rubbing your baby's mouth, you should press gently at your baby's mouth, never wipe back and forth. Because your child's skin is tender, swiping back and forth can easily hurt your child's skin. To the baby wipe the handkerchief, should choose soft materials, preferably cotton, bamboo fiber and other products, such handkerchiefs are not easy to damage the skin, but also easy to clean. When baby is samll, it is best not to give him direct use of paper towels to wipe his mouth, you can choose to give him the use of some handkerchiefs and so on, be sure to remember to clean every day, and do not give him wet wipes, many parents may like to use wet wipes to the baby, in fact, this easy to cause the baby's allergy, it is best to use warm water and so on, to wash his face would be better. If the baby's mouth foaming is likely to be hand, foot and mouth disease, parents must go to the hospital as soon as possible to check, if it is hand,sand and mouth disease, there is a certain infectious, must avoid the crowd-intensive place, in general, is not required to apply medicine, 7 to 10 days or so can self-degeneration, do not let the baby has been scratching, really itchy words can apply some anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory drugs.        

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