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Muslin swaddle in cute design

Product Name: Muslin swaddle in cute design Material: 100% cotton Characteristics: Washable, breathable, easy to dry, beautiful Usage: Wrapping the baby, bath wash, laying in stroller, cover baby Size: 47'*47', or what size you want Packing: Usually use plastic bag, and we also can do paper box, and your iead   About muslin fabric The double-layer gauze we usually say is the muslin fabric, that binds two layers of gauze together, and between each inch or 2 cm there will be a yarn linking two layers of gauze, so as to ensure that there is no displacement between the gauze and the gauze. Muslin fabric can be divided into cotton bleached double-layer gauze and cotton printing double-layer gauze these two products. Muslin fabric in the texture is divided into large squares and small squares. There will be some differences in the performance of different textures in absorbing moisture and water absorption, which will be ordered according to demand depending on usage Because the muslin fabric has moisture absorption, breathability and can be used in so many product selling, the application of muslin fabric will be so widespread. Baby skin delicate sensitive, so good sister in the good treasure selection of personal supplies are also very careful, such as bath towels, handkerchiefs, spats, these must be carefully considered to ensure safety, comfort, good use! Now more and more mothers love muslin fabric. Unlike traditional towels, muslin bath towels are more gentle, and the more soft the washing this point is really great, breathable is also strong, wrapping the baby when not boring, drying is also easier to dry and not easy to grow bacteria.